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About CBD, our monthly plans, and more
What serving size?

NOTE: We cannot make claims or recommendations for your specific needs or use case. The information shared here is representative of our personal experience, member feedback, and information gathered from The Mayo Clinic. See our FDA Disclosure at the bottom of this page for clarification.


When will I get my CBD?

When you first begin your membership, you’ll fall into one of our 2 monthly processing cycles. Once you receive your first box, you’ll receive a box every 30 days thereafter:

  • Orders placed on the 1st-15th of the month are processed on the 15th, for delivery by the 1st.
  • Orders placed 16th-31st of the month are processed on the 1st, for delivery by the 15th.
Why a daily regimen?

Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system, a network of neurotransmitters that is involved in regulating a variety of physiological and cognitive functions. Depending on several factors (overall health, diet, medical history, medications, etc) your body needs time and consistent supplementation to activate the ECBD system, and keep it activated. Thats where a daily regimen becomes critical.

Why water-miscible?

It all comes down to absorption. Cannabinoids can have no effect if they’re not getting absorbed by the body. CBD suspended in an oil carrier is good, but in our experience the water-miscible carrier is far better. This is a unique delivery method for getting cannabinoids into the body. Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, the cannabinoids are easily absorbed in the digestive tract, which means the bio-availability is much higher than oil-soluble products.

Isn't pure CBD better?

Short answer: no. Again, this all comes down to bioavailability, your body’s ability to absorb and use the CBD. Without being suspended in a carrier, the majority of the CBD gets broken down long before it can be absorbed (typically about 8-10% of pure CBD actually gets into your system and utilized). By using a micro-emulsion in water miscible carrier, bioavailability is is greatly enhanced, meaning that more of the CBD is getting into your system.

Am I stuck on my plan?

Absolutely not! You can change your plan, pause, or cancel any time. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

What if I need more per month?

This is actually a common question we get from new members. If you feel that 75mg or 150mg per day is not sufficient, lets talk. No promises, but we may be able to work something out to fit your needs.

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