The Story

How on earth did we get into this?

How it started

We found CBD during our journey to find relief for our son, who was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and severe ADHD. Our boy was suffering from motor and vocal tics, near-manic hyperactivity, and the host of other issues that often come with TS and ADHD. His tics were often extreme enough to inflict injury, and the vocal tics caused his embarrassment around his friends and schoolmates. There were days when he wouldn’t want to interact with other people or go places, for fear his tics would flare up.

Seeking treatment

For over 2 years we sought help from his pediatrician , testing facilities, therapists, prescribing doctors, and others to find him some relief, and perhaps help him regain his confidence and sense of normalcy.

Several pharmaceutical prescriptions followed, one after the other. Each time, we were hopeful that it would finally do the trick. And each time, he became a zombie; a shell of our sweet little boy. And in addition to the side affects, they did nothing to ease his tics or abate the hyperactivity.

We abandoned pharmaceuticals and had reserved ourselves to letting him be as God made him, and hopefully provide the strength, support, and guidance to help him navigate life on his own.

In the summer of 2017, several events transpired that brought us to where we are today. First, the rental house we’d lived in for years was sold, and Declan learned that he would be leaving his house, his neighborhood, and his little friends, all of which were his anchors. Then, he found out his best friend wouldn’t be coming back to his elementary school in the fall; so he lost his anchor at school. Needless to say, the tics escalated to almost-debilitating levels.

Beginning CBD

Then, while telling the story of Declan’s suffering, a family member suggested we try CBD, an extract made from hemp. We began to research it, and a new world opened before us. Stories of CBD’s impact on a wide range of issues gave us enough hope and belief to try it out. We were fortunate enough to get connected to a lab that was working with various formulations of CBD, and we began working with them to develop a formulation of CBD for Declan.

We began giving Declan CBD every day with breakfast. We didn’t expect anything immediately, we didn’t know if we should expect ANYTHING at all, so we just continued on that regimen.

It was about 8 days later, after school one evening, that we realized something: Declan wasn’t plagued with his usual tics! The loud vocalizations, stuttering, foot stomping, and freezing, and near-violent spasms had all become such a normal daily occurrence that it took a minute to realize it had stopped. Not wanting to raise false hope, we waited for several days before drawing any conclusions. He noticed that at the end of a hard day, or when he was exceptionally tired or stressed, he would still have a bit of a stutter, or maybe an intermittent tic here or there, but they had largely disappeared!

Creating Earthbound Extracts

As a member of several online support groups for tic disorders and for parents of children with tic disorders, we of course shared Decan’s results with the groups. We immediately had parents from all around the country asking how they could get this specific CBD powder for their kids.

We asked the lab how others could purchase this formulation, but they were not set up for retail (they supply other labs and supplement companies with the base isolates and extracts that they use to make hemp lifestyle products). They were elated by the story of our results, and offered to help us get the formula to other families in need, but we would have to figure out the retail end, logistics, distribution, and everything else. Our desire to help other families find some relief drove us to figure out the rest, and Earthbound Extracts was born.

The future

It has been an amazing journey so far, and we are extremely excited and blessed by the support we’ve received, and the stories of the positive impact our formula has had on other families in need. The scientific community is just now embracing the benefits of CBD, and we continue to research new formulations and delivery methods in an effort to provide products that can have an enormous and positive impact on peoples lives.

Ready to join and finally get the balance and relief you’ve been looking for?